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Requalification Affidavit


  1. 1. Step One
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  • Step One

    1. Aspen Pitkin County Housing Authority APCHA

    2. 210 E. Hyman, Suite 202
      Aspen, CO 81611

    3. 1. Are you employed 1,500 hours or more a year in Pitkin County (for a business that serves Pitkin County residents)?*

    4. 1a. Do you collect social security benefits?*

    5. 2. Do you reside full-time in the deed-restricted home for 9 months or more per year?*

    6. 3. Is this property the only residence you own in the Ownership Exclusion Zone?*

      Mark "Yes" if your deed restricted home is the only property you own in the area.

    7. 4. Do you have any roommates and/or tenants?*

    8. Separate multiple entries by a comma.

    9. 5. Do you have children living in your home more than 100 days per year?*

    10. Separate multiple entries by a comma.