Qualifying for an Ownership Unit

There is an ownership option through APCHA as well. For top priority in the ownership lottery there is a four year work history requirement. When completing the ownership application you will want to provide as many W2s/1099s of your full time work in Pitkin County. The more years provided, the more chances you'll get in the lottery. There are other requirements to be considered top priority in the lottery, like meeting the minimum occupancy and category requirements (you can bid above your category but not below).

  1. Complete an Ownership Qualification Packet on HomeTrek.
  2. Submit completed Ownership Qualification Packet, with supporting documents to APCHA offices.
    • Packets submitted without all supporting documents are incomplete and will not be accepted by APCHA staff.
    • To understand how APCHA calculates income click HERE.  
  3. Beginning July 2019 applicants must complete an APCHA-approved homebuyer education course.
  4. Provide property specific documents if needed:

Once qualified, applicants are eligible to participate in the ownership lottery or purchase a deed restricted unit not sold through APCHA (i.e. RO properties (PDF)).

Resident Occupied (RO)

Qualification requirements may vary for Resident Occupied (RO) units depending on the property, RO properties (PDF). Some are required to be sold through APCHA, while others may be sold by a third party. Any potential buyer of an RO unit is still required to complete an Ownership Qualification Packet on HomeTrek.

Employer Owned

A handful of employers in Pitkin County own units to sell or rent exclusively to their full-time employees. To purchase an Employer-Owned unit, prospective buyers must meet all the basic eligibility requirements and be employed by the owner of the unit.

  • If you believe you qualify to purchase an employee owned unit, contact us for unit specific requirements. 
  • If you are a Pitkin County employer that would like to purchase an ownership unit to house your employees, contact us.