Development Projects

There are several different ways the development of affordable workforce housing occurs:

  1. Either through the City or County;
  2. By any party required to mitigate the impacts of new development under the City or County’s respective land use codes; and
  3. By private interests (e.g. employers), either separately or in partnership with government and/or non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

 APCHA Affordable Housing Development Policy (PDF) defines the various options and opportunities available to both the private and public sector developers, including the standards for private development mitigation.

Current & Near Future Projects

In association with with Aspen Housing Partners LLC and the City of Aspen, three rental development projects are slated to begin construction in Spring 2019 with completion expected in 2020.

Update November 2020
The 517 Park Circle tenants have been chosen and have qualified. The next complex to come up is 488 Castle Creek Road which will hopefully be coming available for pre-application early December.

488 Castle Creek Road - Total of 24 Units:

Category 1 One Bedroom Winner             Category 1 Two Bedroom Winner
Category 2 One Bedroom Winner             Category 2 Two Bedroom Winner 

488 Castle Creek RoadDuring the term of the Land Use Restrictive Agreement, Low Income Housing Tax Credit: 60% AMI or lessAfter Expiration of the Land Use Restrictive Agreement: APCHA Category 1, 2, 3, or 4
1-Bedroom / 1-Bath Units1818
2-Bedroom / 2-Bath Units66

517 Park Circle - Total of 11 Units:
Category 2 Winners                 Category 3 One Bedroom Winners 
Category 3 Two Bedroom Winners             Category 4 Two Bedroom Winners

517 Park CircleAPCHA Category 1APCHA Category 2APCHA Category 3APCHA Category 4Total
1-Bedroom / 1-Bath Units
2 Units5 Units
7 Units
2-Bedroom / 2-Bath Units

2 Units2 Units4 Units
2 Units7 Units2 Units11 Units

Timeline of Housing Developments

For the most up-to-date information, please visit Aspen Community Voice

Burlingame Phase IIILumber YardWater Place IIAspen Housing Partnership Rentals
2010Community Outreach

2011Development Approval

2012Building Permits

2013Const. Access & Infrastructure

2014Construction Phase IIA

City Council Direction

Community Outreach

City Council Direction

Outreach & Dev Approval

City Council Direction
Building Permits
2019Community Outreach
Community Outreach
Community Outreach
2020Const. Docs / Bldg. Permits
Community Outreach
Dev. Approval / Bldg. Permits
2021Construction Phase IIB
Design DevelopmentConstruction

2022OccupancyDevelopment ApprovalOccupancy
Construction Documents

Building Permits