Current Regulations by Part

For ease of reading and navigation, the Employee Housing Regulations are split into sections and appendices. However, because of the interdependence of the many aspects of the program with others, one must look at the Regulations holistically to fully understand the APCHA workforce housing program.

Table of Contents 

Part I. APCHA Housing Board Policies 

Section 1. Mission Statement
Section 2. Affordable Housing Governance and Deed-Restriction Policies
Section 3. APCHA Regulations
Section 4. Affordable Housing Unit Types and Categories
Section 5. Affordable Housing Rental and Ownership
Section 6. APCHA Eligibility

Part II. APCHA Affordable Housing Development Overview

Section 1. APCHA Housing Development Policy
Section 2. Maximum Sales Price and Maximum Rental Rates
Section 3. Occupancy Policies for Newly Deed-Restricted Units
Section 4. APCHA Approval and Execution of Deed Restrictions

Part III. APCHA Eligibility and Qualifications

Section 1. Eligibility
Section 2. Qualification Rules 

Part IV. APCHA Rental Policies and Procedures 

Section 1. Rental Priorities (APCHA Managed Properties)
Section 2. Rental Procedures  

Part V. APCHA Purchase and Sale Policies and Procedures 

Section 1. Application and Qualification to Purchase Affordable Housing
Section 2. Bid Process
Section 3. Lottery Process
Section 4. Sales Contract
Section 5. Sale of an Ownership Unit / Listing a Unit for Sale
Section 7. Resident-Occupied (RO) Unit Sale Policies and Procedures
Section 8. Foreclosure

Part VI: Maintaining Eligibility, Special Review, Compliance & Grievance Policies/Procedures 

Section 1. Maintaining Eligibility
Section 2. Landlord Responsibilities
Section 3. Owner Responsibilities
Section 4. Ineligibility List
Section 5. Special Review Policy and Procedure
Section 6. Enforcement Policies and Procedures

Part VII: Definitions 


I APCHA Household Income Target Levels per Category
II Maximum Gross Income and Net Assets per Household
III Maximum Monthly Rental Rates for Deed-restricted Rental Units
IV Maximum Sale Prices for Newly Deed-restricted Ownership Units
V Fee-In-Lieu (City)
VI Maximum Annual APCHA Adjustment
VII APCHA Bid Priority per Employment and Residency History
VIII Number of APCHA Lottery Changes for Priority Bids. 


A APCHA Fee Schedule
B Schedule of Fines