Notice of Violation Process

If a violation occurs, a Notice of Violation (NOV) is sent requesting compliance. If a NOV (non-compliance) is not cured within a certain time frame, then the unit will be either listed for sale (in the case of employee-owned units) or require eviction (in the case of rental units).

NOV Requirements

  • The violation must be cured (i.e. resolved) within 15 days of the NOV.
  • The person charged with the violation may request in writing a hearing before the APCHA Board to dispute any charge contained in a NOV within the 15 days.
  • Failure to cure any violation may result in one of the following:
    1. The sale of a deed restricted ownership unit; or
    2. The termination of a lease and possible eviction.

Loss of Appreciation (Ownership Units)

In the case of ownership units, a Notice of Violation immediately stops the appreciation on the deed restricted value of a unit until compliance.

15-Day "Cure" Period

If the alleged violator does not cure a violation or request a hearing before the APCHA Board within the 15-day "cure" period, the violation shall be deemed final. 

In the event of litigation, the failure to request a hearing shall be deemed to constitute a failure to exhaust administrative remedies for the purpose of judicial review.

APCHA may pursue all remedies as provided by law or in equity, including, where applicable, a requirement that the subject property be sold or vacated in accordance with the deed restriction.