A qualification packet and documentation is needed to verify employment/work history, household size, income and assets, and other necessary information. To be eligible, all persons over 18 years old must:

  • Work full-time (1,500 hours per calendar year) in Pitkin County
  • Occupy the APCHA unit as a primary residence (at least nine months per year)
  • Own no other developed residential property within the Ownership Exclusion Zone (OEZ)

A rental applicant must submit a Long-Term Rental Qualification Packet (PDF), the required documentation, and a fee after a rental unit is offered to him/her and prior to signing a lease or occupying a unit. Qualifications are required for all deed restricted rental units whether the property is managed by APCHA, the owner, or a private property management company. Further information on qualifying for a rental unit. A sales applicant must submit an Ownership Qualification Packet - Application, the required documentation, and a fee. APCHA will review the paperwork and determine what the household qualifies for.