North Forty

North Forty is a development that was created by John McBride and is located next to the Aspen Airport Business Center. The 59 single-family homes and 13 townhomes are classified as RO and are located on Narrow Way, Riverdown Drive, Totterdown Drive and Tumbledown Lane. The 59 lots were created in 1999 and the 13 townhomes were completed in 2003. 

The project was approved under the 1996/1997 Aspen/Pitkin Employee Housing Guidelines. To qualify, an applicant must have worked in Pitkin County for at least three years (at least 1500 hours per calendar year) and earned 75% of their income within Pitkin County. The owner must continue to work full-time in Pitkin County until retirement age as defined in the 1996/1997 Aspen/Pitkin Employee Housing Guidelines. The owner has the right to sell to any qualified buyer or to list their home with APCHA.

Master Deed Restriction Agreement

The Master Deed Restriction Agreement (PDF) is not inclusive to all the units at the North Forty. Some of the units are bound by a different deed restriction. Please contact APCHA to double-check which deed restriction pertains to a specific home.

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