Pacific Avenue Condominiums

The Pacific Avenue Condominiums, Horizontal Unit A, were constructed in 2009 and were provided for additional mitigation requirements of the Residences at Little Nell. The 9 three-bedroom, Category 2 and 3 units, are located at 410 and 412 Pacific Avenue at the Aspen Airport Business Center (AABC). Each unit has two baths and contains between 1,280 to 1,296 square feet.

Second Phase

The second phase of the project, Horizontal Unit B, were constructed in 2016 and were provided under the Housing Credit Program. The developer of the project received a total of 24 credits to sell to other developers for future mitigation. The 8 three-bedroom, 1-3/4-bath, Category 2 and Category 3 units are located at 313 and 317 Pacific Avenue at the AABC.

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