Lazy Glen Subdivision

Lazy Glen Subdivision began as a mobile home park. In 2002, Lazy Glen went through a subdivision process whereby the owners of the mobile homes were able to purchase their property. The project consists of 100 homes deed-restricted to RO and contain a mix of mobile homes, modulars and stick-built homes. The requirement to purchase a home in this subdivision is a one-year work history in the Roaring Fork Valley, continuing to work within the Roaring Fork Valley until retirement age (as defined the Aspen/Pitkin County Employee Housing Guidelines), utilizing the home as their primary residence by living in the home at least nine months out of each calendar year, and not owning any property within the ownership exclusion zone (as defined in the Aspen/Pitkin County Employee Housing Guidelines). The owner has the right to sell their property on their own, through a realtor or through APCHA. If sold through APCHA, a 2% sales fee is charged to the seller; if sold through another entity or the owner, a 1% sales fee is charged to the seller at the time of closing.

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