How do I apply?

The process is different depending on if you are interested in renting or buying. Applications for rentals are not accepted until you have been offered a unit at a specific property. Applications to purchase a property can be submitted at any time. Both applications require certain documents and have a fee. You must gather all the documentation listed on the application checklist before you can apply. 

You will be expected to provide tax returns, including all the pages and schedules. Extensions are not accepted. The returns will be scrutinized for unreimbursed employee business expenses, self-employment business losses and signs of fraud, such as reported income that doesn't match your W-2s. You'll be required to sign IRS Form 4506-T, which allows APCHA to get a transcript of the tax return from the IRS. APCHA will get the transcript of your tax return straight from the IRS and compare it with the copy of the return that you provided as part of our fraud prevention efforts. 

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