Capital Improvements

Owners of deed restricted units can make certain capital improvements to their unit and receive credit for eligible improvements. The type and dollar amount of capital improvements and other contingencies vary with the homeowner’s individual deed restriction. In addition, some APCHA complexes have their own unique capital improvement policies.

Receiving a Capital Improvement Credit

  1. To receive approval from APCHA, submit a Capital Improvement case on HomeTrek. Contact City and/or County building departments to see if a building permit is required. If required, obtain a building permit(s). If the Building Department informs you that a permit is not required, you will need to obtain an email or other official document stating so. 
    HomeTrek Capital Improvement Walk Through
  2. Sales staff will review capital improvement case and inform you whether items are eligible for capital improvement credit.
  3. Upon completion of eligible capital improvement(s), upload all paid receipts for materials and labor onto HomeTrek (either a canceled check or invoice showing "Paid"). If applicable, upload copies of permit(s) and a letter of completion from the Building Department.
  4. Submit a $50 payment to APCHA via HomeTrek.
  5. Sales staff will contact you to schedule a site visit to review the improvement(s) after which eligible capital improvements will be added to your home's appreciated value.