Basic Eligibility Requirements

Qualification by APCHA is required for all rentals and sales units in the APCHA inventory prior to occupancy by any eligible applicant. 

Basic Eligibility Requirements

  • Work full-time (at least 1,500 hours per calendar year) in Pitkin County
  • Use the APCHA unit as a primary residence (at least nine months per year)
  • Own NO other developed residential property within the Ownership Exclusion Zone (OEZ)

A qualification packet and supporting documentation are needed to verify employment/work history, household size, income and assets, and other necessary information.

Qualifying for Rental

APCHA does not accept Rental Qualification packets until a unit has been offered to the eligible applicant. 

Qualifying for Ownership

APCHA accepts Ownership Qualification Packets whenever an eligible applicant wants to enter the ownership lottery or purchase an RO unit (PDF)