Audits are important to assure the community that access to deed restricted housing is not being abused.

APCHA has the authority to conduct Audits for Cause (Regulations, Part VI Section 1 (B)) and Random Audits (Regulations, Part VI Section 3 (B)(4)) of homeowners in the APCHA inventory. 

Audits for Cause of homeowners are on a case-by-case basis to confirm compliance with qualification requirements.

Random Audits of homeowners in deed restricted housing are used to verify continued compliance with the APCHA Regulations and the deed restriction. The selection of the unit to be audited is made using a randomizing program that searches by property addresses, not by the homeowner’s name.

When a homeowner receives a RANDOM AUDIT LETTER from APCHA, the requested documentation must be returned to APCHA by the 2-week due date.  Documents may be delivered in person to APCHA’s office (18 Truscott Place, Aspen, CO 81611) or faxed (970-920-5772) or uploaded in HomeTrek.

  • Documentation Required (typical case):
    • Completed 2022 tax return and/or business tax returns (federal, state and all schedules); 
    • 2022 W-2s/1099s; 
    • Business Plan and Profit/Loss Statement for 2022, if applicable;
    • Paystubs (i.e., paycheck, pay record, wage statement, etc.) for last three (3) months; and
    • Employment Income Verification Form (for each employer).  
  • Employment Income Verification Form
    • This form must be provided to every employer for each homeowner residing in the unit (i.e., Owner 1 works for Aspen Valley Hospital [one form]; Owner 2 works for City Market and Pitkin County Library [two forms]. The employer can either deliver this form in person to APCHA or fax the document.)
    • To upload documents, sign-in to HomeTrek, click on your Name (upper right), click on Profile, choose Upload Files or Drop Files.
    • Instructions on how to upload documents in HomeTrek: How to upload documents into HomeTrek