Homebuyer Education

As of July 29, 2019, all applicants for APCHA ownership properties will be required to take an APCHA-approved Homebuyer education course and will need to provide a certificate of completion with their qualification packet. Households who need to re-qualify will also need to complete a Homebuyer Education Course if they had not previously and regardless of whether they currently own. Bids will not be accepted if your packet has been expired and you haven’t taken the class yet. Most classes are 4-5 hours long. 


The courses that are approved by APCHA include three Housing and Urban Development (HUD)-approved courses offered by Framework and DHA (Denver Housing Authority) and  CHFA (Colorado Housing and Finance Authority).   CHFA  now offers a Homebuyer education class in Spanish. APCHA requires only one certificate of completion for the household. There are three different options available to the public, you only need to take one out of the three. Each class will provide the certificate that is necessary. 


There is a $75 fee for the Framework course. The DHA course is $75 dollar for primary borrowers and $49 for co-borrowers. Applicants need to sign up in advance for the in-person course, which usually has a two-month wait list. The CHFA course fee is $75.

HUD-approved course

Many lenders also require their buyers to take a HUD-approved course as part of their lending approval. Therefore, check with your lender first, to learn what courses may be required.