Selling Deed Restricted Units

APCHA Listings

Most APCHA units are required to be listed through and sold by APCHA, per APCHA Guidelines and unit deed restrictions. Once listed, an open house for that unit will be scheduled the first Wednesday of the bid period between 4 PM to 6 PM. Anyone interested in purchasing must first qualify for an ownership unit and then complete a bid submission (PDF) to enter the ownership lottery.

Buying and Selling Deed Restricted Units: Modification

Due to the current climate, APCHA has temporarily modified our listing and buying procedures to fit with State and the CDC guidelines. If you have any questions please call; 970-920-5054 or 970-920-5455.

Resident Occupied Listings

Some Resident Occupied (RO) deed restricted units (PDF) in the Roaring Fork Valley are not required to be listed through or sold by APCHA. Regardless of who manages and brokers the sale of a deed restricted sales listing, all prospective owners must be qualified through APCHA before they can purchase the unit. Check local sales listings for these units.

Documents for Selling Deed Restricted Units