Ownership Lottery

The demand for available ownership units typically results in competing bids (offers) of equal priority are decided by lottery. Unit bid priorities are assigned per the parameters established in Table VII of the Employee Housing Guidelines (PDF).

Entering the Lottery

Once advertised, a bid period for each unit begins. The bid period ends at 4 PM on the second Wednesday following the open house. Anyone with a current ownership application can submit a Bid Submission Form for a unit, in their Category or above, to our main office in person.

You can now submit a bid online on HomeTrek

Holding the Lottery

We hold a lottery to select the winner among all top priority bids for each unit. Lotteries are usually scheduled to occur at noon on the Monday following the end of the bid period, unless Monday falls on a holiday. Once the winner(s) have been contacted, results are available to the public. 

Lottery Results

Lottery Priority 

To be considered top priority in any APCHA lottery the household/individual must have at least a four year work history, meet minimum occupancy, and bid the maximum bid price. Eligible bidders are allowed to bid their category and one above (examples: category 2 household can bid on category 2 and 3 units). If an in-complex bid is submitted the unit will not go to lottery unless they individuals can't close/ declines the unit. Refunds are not provided to bidders on units that have received an in-complex bid.